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We Have a New Addition!

November 17, 2014

We believe that food, family and friendship go hand in hand. You know we love to make simple dishes with fresh, seasonal ingredients. We bet you didn’t know that we also make some pretty creative, artisanal foods as well.

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If you follow our Instagram, or Facebook page, you may have gotten a glimpse of  our picture perfect tarts, handmade ice-cream cones with freshly churned ice-cream, or mouthwatering cakes. You may have seen some of our “works in progress” and we hope from time to time you wished you could come over and join us for a meal.

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With the newest addition to our indigo jones “empire”, you can do the next best thing.

Introducing Indigo Jones Eats, our site devoted to foods that you can actually order and enjoy in your own home. Whether it is a special dessert to take to a friend,dinner to be prepared, small parties to be hosted or something for the school bake sale, we’re on it. We can provide specialty foods and bespoke catering for small groups, or cooking class evenings hosted in our own loft.

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We will be featuring seasonal foods available to order, and will update the site with photos of delicious foods to entice you.

Pop on over and say hello. We hope to be eating with you soon!

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