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Verbal Venom

October 27, 2017

A few mornings ago, I scrolled through Facebook, glancing at articles, posts, and short videos. In a time of extreme political discourse, it is interesting to see what people have to say. It’s no secret which side of the table I sit at, but I read articles written from many points of view, whether I agree with them or not. I haven’t unfollowed people whose views are extremely different from mine, as I think it is important to burst the bubbles we often place ourselves in and understand what we’re up against with the rest of the world. And with clenched teeth, I explore the comments section on many of them.

While I fully expect to see some friction on political posts, it has become more than that. Somehow, it escalates quickly from a disagreement of views to an all-out assault on humanity. Name calling and the use of grammar and spelling more commensurate with a third-grade education is peppered with vulgarity. The threads stretch into the hundreds, if not thousands of comments, most being unworthy of notice. This morning, I happened to watch a short video about making Halloween treats from store-bought cookies and candies. I was absolutely gobsmacked to see the nastiness that such a whimsical and benign post brought about. Women attacking other women for having too much time on their hands and assuming that their homes were unkempt or their children uncared for because they took the time to cut an Oreo in half and attach it to a peanut butter cup to make a bat. Or someone stating that pretzel monsters and spider cupcakes are “un-Christian.” Don’t even get me started about the remarks related to the purchasing of “googly eyes.” Have we really reached such a low point that there isn’t a subject in existence that doesn’t set off a chain of verbal venom?

What has happened to us since the call to become a “kinder, gentler nation” so many years ago? I am truly scared to live in a world where our views on big issues are so disparate that we violently clash both in word and deed on a regular basis. There are times that it is unfathomable to me that people actually think the way that they do. I am even more afraid to live in a world where an Oreo cookie and a chocolate dipped pretzel stick can inspire this level of rage and rhetoric at 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Sheesh!




All The News Unfit To Print

September 2, 2015


7795300014_compAlright, I confess. I read way too much celebrity gossip. While reading any amount at all could fall into the category of “too much,” I admit that I read enough to be able to hold my own in any discussion on the latest scandals, hook ups and split ups of well known people I have never met.

I certainly could do worse things than keep up with senseless gossip, like sleep with the nanny while married, fondle young children, get arrested while intoxicated, or simply pour myself into a sheer dress six sizes too small, wear a pound of makeup and strut around town acting like I’m all that and a bag of chips too! Yes, the celebs do interest me, but sometimes I just skim the article and read the comments. Let me be clear on this one; I never, ever comment.

The commenters are a slice of human life that I find mind boggling. They either type on smart phones and don’t read through it before pressing enter, or they are not the most literate bunch you will meet. Probably both. Most comments are riddled with typos, poor grammar, and misuse of words. They almost always mess up the “you’re and your” situation, and fight with one another like they are the Real Housewives of some trailor park community. They go back and forth as if they have all the time in the world to argue over the most inane things. They viciously attack other commenters, and the website they are on for posting such drivel. That is always the most amazing part. They take time out of their “busy” days to not only dish up parenting advice for Kim “Kartrashian” as they call her, or her mother PMK (Pimp Mama Kris), they also spend time telling Perez Hilton how much they hate him, his sexual orientation and his website, or insisting that websites stop printing articles about “these people”.

Radar Online itself is no better. It is likely written by a middle schooler with an attention deficit disorder. The grammar is horrendous, and the facts are often a little mixed up. Jennifer Aniston honeymooned in Bora Bora and Keeping Up With The Kardashians was filming in St. Barts, but they both are exotic beach locales starting with the letter B, so WTF, right? They write big lead ins such as “all the intimate details of blah, blah, blah, and then don’t actually have any details to share.

It is one thing to voyeristically enjoy a dishing the dirt a bit, and another to go online and publically attack strangers by sharing bigoted comments that nobody really wants to know about. I am facinated by what makes these people tick, and what their lives are like that prompts them to be so verbose and opinionated, as well as have the time on their hands to troll these sites all day.

Do you like celebrity gossip? Where do you draw the line?

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