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The Kitchen is Cured!

October 9, 2013
Sparkling in the moonlight

Sparkling in the moonlight

It is 8pm Sunday night, and I have to say the kitchen is absolutely GLEAMING! Every surface, every cupboard, every appliance, has been scrubbed into submission. I even went to the store and purchased some food to put into my sparkling refrigerator and lemon oiled cupboards.

Look at that oven shine!

Look at that oven shine!



Everything in it's place

Everything in it’s place

It's not just a pretty ( and clean!) face

It’s not just a pretty ( and clean!) face

I don’t know what the Kitchn people have planned for next week, but I say “bring it!”

Note to family: Please do not even think about messing this up! There will be consequences…serious consequences…

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Kitchen Cure

October 4, 2013


This week, I signed up for the Kitchn Cure, sponsored by the fabulous food website The Kitchn. Each day for 2 weeks, I am emailed the task of the day, which should culminate in completely cleaning, organizing and tweaking your kitchen into the cooking haven it is meant to be.

This week’s tasks included cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer; getting it purged, organized, and scrubbed to a squeaky clean.

The next challenge tackled the pantry, followed by the drawers and other cupboards, including appliances. Today they had us cleaning and scrubbing where the sun don’t shine. I don’t know  what could possibly be left for next week, but I am sure they have something major in mind.

Although I keep my kitchen pretty clean and user friendly, there is always work to be done. Truth be told, when I signed up for this, my schedule was fairly light. Of course now that it is here, I am working everyday,and can’t face doing this at 9 pm. Today is Friday, and I haven’t done any of the projects required yet. I plan to make up for it this weekend with a massive catch up plan to do all the required work for the week all at once.  And I plan to share the entire ordeal process with all of you.

Stay tuned as we scrub, purge, organize and beautify our kitchen. If you would like to participate, or see how others are faring, look for the hashtag

#kitchn cure, or check out the site for details.

See you with before and after photos of week one’ s challenges soon!

photo: glasshouse images

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