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Mad Hatter

May 16, 2012

The Fall 2013 collections had a theatrical appeal, with clothing and accessories straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. Historical references, and exaggerated shapes were recreated in modern textiles giving us a new vision of the past.

Most remarkable, were the two collections shown by Marc Jacobs; his own eponymous collection, staged in New York and the Louis Vuitton collection, set in a train station in Paris.

Both featured incredible hats designed in collaboration with milliner Stephen Jones.

For Marc Jacobs, Jones created colorful oversized hats, looking like those envisioned by the late Dr. Seuss.

The hats at Louis Vuitton evoked another era, yet were no less spectacular.

Although these are not conducive to day-to-day life, they set the stage for exploring the fantasy world of fashion.

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