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Shakin’ Bacon

February 11, 2012

Here we go again… The latest entry into the gross and unhealthy market is fast food chain Jack in the Box’s BACON MILKSHAKE.

At 770 calories and 40 grams of fat for the 16 oz. size and 1081 calories and 54 grams of fat for the 24 oz. size, this fat bomb is a heart attack in a cup.

It’s not officially on the menu, so it’s allure is in it’s exclusivity. ¬†From the reviews we have read, apparently it tastes terrible! The drink, made with artificially flavored bacon syrup, was reviewed as bland and ¬†sickeningly sweet with a nasty smokey aftertaste. Do you really want to waste half of your daily calories on this?

If you do, it’s available by special request only, at select Jack in the Box locations.

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