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Prison Power

July 19, 2012

The Santa Rita do Sapucai prison in Brazil, is harnessing green energy from their inmates to power their city streets.

Two exercise bikes hooked to batteries have been placed in the penitentiary courtyard, where kinetic energy created by the cyclists is converted into electricity which charges a battery. There is a device on the handlebars which tells the rider when the battery is charged.
These fully charged batteries are taken into the city and used to power street lamps. One day’s cycling can provide enough alternative energy to power 6 bulbs.
As an incentive, the prisoners are given a day off of their sentence for every 16 hours of cycling they complete.
The project has been so successful, that they plan to install another 8 bikes at the facility.
This program offers an opportunity for detainees to stay fit, keep occupied and out of trouble, and provide their community with sustainable energy. Sounds like a winning plan to us!
photo: Glasshouse Images

Eco Bank

May 25, 2011

Brazil has come up with a unique incentive to help people save water.
Banco Cyan, a public utility company in Sao Paolo, has created an on-line bank account system, where customer’s water usage is tracked, and points are given for reduced consumption.

These “eco-credits,” can be redeemed for discounts with participating merchants.

While we all need to be proactive in saving our natural resources, sometimes a little added incentive can go a long way.

Photo: Glasshouse Images

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