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Eat. Sweat. Blog. DONE!

October 30, 2009


Today I finished Social Workout‘s October Challenge; Eat. Sweat.Blog. I am happy to report that I achieved 21 workouts and 11 food feats, with a goal of 20 workouts and 10 food feats! (see our post on 9/30/09)

When I began the challenge October 1, I was overly confident. Workout 5 times a week? Piece of cake! Accomplish 10 food feats? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! Many of the feats were things I have incorporated into my life already. I can’t remember the last time I ate fast food, or drank soda. I cook dinner almost every night, and usually make healthy choices. I blog (duh). This seemed so simple. Four feats, checked off before I even began.

But then a little thing called life came along. Suddenly, there was work where none had been (yippee!!). We had a series of out of town guests. My mother-in-law passed away. My routine of going to the gym every morning at 9 a.m. and staying there as long as I wanted to was shattered. Getting to the green market or the fish market everyday was getting difficult. While I maintained all of the good eating habits that I had committed to for the “food feats”, there are some things that are better not discussed on the food front. But somehow I succeeded despite all of this.

The moral of the story? Sometimes even the best intentions go by the wayside. It is important to give yourself a little slack. Having said that, it is even more crucial to prioritize. Somehow, I found my way to the gym most days, even if it was only for 30 or 40 minutes. One day I literally spent 22 minutes on the treadmill, and 40 minutes in the locker room getting ready for a busy day. But it was better than nothing, and I made up for it on days when I had the time. I also walked everywhere, easily logging 5 miles or more per day. The exercise worked my body and calmed my mind, making it a “must do” to get through the stress of the month. Having a goal and being held accountable for it, via the Social Workout site, was a big reason to keep going.

I am eager to see what they will cook up next. Whatever it is,  I say”bring it”!

You can check indigojones’ stats on the Social Workout site.

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September 30, 2009


Eat. Sweat. Blog.

Now that sounds like something we can relate to!
The is serving up a challenge that incorporates all of the aspects of healthy living. The challenge, beginning October 1st and running through the entire month, encourages you to work out 20 times, achieve 10 of the many “food feats” they list, and blog about it on their site.

Food feats include simple lifestyle changes, such as going soda free for the month, dairy free for the week, being a localvore for the day, or working a shift at a food bank.

The site plans to post a daily food/ exercise pairing to help you get started.

Log onto The today to sign up for the challenge, and follow indigojones on their site, as we eat, sweat and blog throughout  the month.

The Social Workout Fall Challenge is sponsored by City Harvest, Equinox, Whole Foods, The Kitchn, Cleanplates and Rouge Tomate.

photo: Spencer Jones/Glasshouse Images

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