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Back to Black

April 11, 2011

Black is the new green, at least when it comes to healthy foods. Research has shown that the darker the vegetable or fruit, the better it is for you. It seems that the same holds true for other foods as well.

We’re all aware of the antioxidant effects of blueberries, but blackberries are even better. The polyphenols founds in them may help reduce cognitive decline as we age. They are also rich in fiber and low in calories, packing only about 60 calories per cup.

Brown rice has become a staple in many American’s diets, but black rice, has significantly higher levels of vitamin E, which boosts the immune system and protects our cells from free radical damage.

We constantly hear about the virtues of drinking green tea, but traditional black tea has its merits as well. It contains an antioxidant called theaflavins, which help us recover from soreness after exercise, and lower the risk of heart attacks.

Beans are a great way to get “non-animal” protein. While all of them are good for you, black beans are packed with a nutrient called bioflavonoids, which research has shown could protect us from cancer.

If you are looking to up the antioxidant quota in your diet, try adding darker hued foods to the menu.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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