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I Robot

December 19, 2009

I just received a Roomba vacuum, and I think I’m in love! As I lounge in bed, propped up against a pile of pillows, while writing this post, Roomba is downstairs vacuuming the house.
At precisely 9:58 a.m. a series of little beeps sound, and Roomba leaves the comfort of his little charger, and embarks on a journey around the dining room, spinning and dancing haphazardly, as he sweeps away the crumbs of dinners past. He wanders casually into the kitchen, and whisks away happily towards the vestibule. When he is spent, he rolls silently back into his little house, tucked discreetly under my drawing table in the corner.

Later, when he has recharged, I will bring him upstairs to perform his little rumba around the sofas and chairs. He can saunter into the bathroom, and down the hall.

He is a sleek, compact little guy, a bit noisier than my old friend Miele, but without all of her attachment issues. We’ve only known each other for a day now, but I am sure it’s going to be a long and happy relationship.

Looking for a great gift?

Roomba Robot Vacuum: about $250

Not having to push it around: PRICELESS!

Shout out to Cat + Will  for giving me this great gift! Thanks!! You really get me!

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