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Who Wears The Pants?

January 9, 2015

The People’s Choice Awards took place this week, and the first red carpet trend of the year has emerged from an otherwise rather lackluster assortment.
Strong, confident women in the world of television, film and music, shed their frou frou dresses in favor of pants ensembles. From jumpsuits to two piece looks, these women looked polished and sophisticated.

So, who wore the pants this year?
Parenthood’s Monica Potter may have botched introducing rapper Iggy Azalea, but her black halter top jumpsuit with chain detail was spot on.

monica potter

Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy was pretty in peach, with sexy lace panels from Elie Saab.

ellen pompeo


Disney’s Bella Throne looked sophisticated in a black Armani suit, sans blouse, for a discreetly sexy take on the tux.

bella thorne


Funny lady Melissa McCarthy’s leather trimmed pantsuit fit her curves to perfection.

melissa mccarthy


Australian rapper Iggy Azaelia paired wide legged black trousers with a beaded cropped top.

iggy azaelia


The evening’s hostess with the mostest, Anna Faris sparkled in a two piece look by Naeem Khan.

anna faris



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Fashion Faux Pas at Forty

May 13, 2011

When it comes to fashion, how old is too old to carry off the look?

A recent article in London’s Daily Mail posed the question to 2000 women, aged 18-65, and the answers were surprising.

A whopping 44% of the women polled regularly worry that they are too old to wear certain items of clothing.

The group believes that miniskirts should be taboo after age 35, and stilettos should be banned by age 51. Knee-high boots were deemed inappropriate after the age of 47, leather pants at age 34 and tight tops at age 44. The most shocking revelation was perhaps their contention that women should not wear bikinis over the age of 47, and by age 61, swimsuits in general should be avoided completely.  Hello, have you ladies not seen Helen Mirren in a bathing suit?

Startlingly, body shape was not a factor in their decisions.  As a woman of “a certain age” who spends quality time in the gym, working out and eating healthfully, I am offended by the assertion that I may be too old to wear certain of these items.  I am equally appalled by the young women who are seriously over weight walking around with rolls of exposed fat oozing over the tops of their jeans, bellies exposed.  Is it their right to dress tastelessly because they are young?

Only minutes after reading this article, I saw a post on the gossip site Perez Hilton; regarding the inappropriate display of flesh when 13-year-old Disney starlet Bella Thorne was photographed wearing a skimpy bikini on the beach.  The 85 comments that followed seemed to agree that she was too young to be flaunting her body, albeit a childlike one, in public.

So, if 13 is too young, and 47 is too old, what is the fashion sweet spot?  Are we to be relegated to frumpiness just because we are over 40?  From the overwhelming response to the article, the answer is clearly and resoundingly, NO!

Let your mirror be your guide, and good taste be your barometer for style regardless of your age.

Otherwise, when I hit 53, and have to cut off my hair, wear sensible shoes and elastic waist pants, please just shoot me!

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