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In- Trenched

February 3, 2016

Designers are re-inventing the trench coat for their pre-fall collections, with a new play on proportion, color and details. Long,lean and cinched at the waist, these are coats you don’t already own, and should!



Sacai takes the classic khaki trench and makes it edgy, through the use of straps, buckles, wind flaps and trapunto stitching. A touch of fur elevates the look.

John Galliano

John Galliano

John Galliano keeps it clean with a streamlined version of the trench coat. Hidden buttons and and leather cuffs make this minimal coat look chic.

Camilla + Marc

Camilla + Marc

Strict military details are softened by Camilla + Marc’s use of color and texture. The soft russet hue layers over a gauzy skirt of the same tone.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Soft fabric and an oversized shape make this trench a must have. Grommet details on the belt add a level of dimension to the look.



The trench is iconic for Burberry, who somehow manage to update and upgrade it every season. Contrasting denim details and leather buttons do the trick.


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A Season of Change

October 29, 2015


A look from Lanvin's Spring 2016 runway show

A look from Lanvin’s Spring 2016 runway show

The fashion world has been turned upside down in recent weeks, with high profile departures taking place at some of the most revered French houses. When Americans Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang handed over the reigns at Parisian brands Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga respectively, the moves raised several impeccably groomed eyebrows. This week’s news however, has rocked the world of fashion in a more profound way.
Raf Simons, the Creative Director at Christian Dior announced his resignation earlier this week, in a suprise move that stunned the industry. Mr. Simons had spent only 3 1/2 years at the house, yet was a driving force in reviving the venerable brand which he took over after the very controvesal departure of John Galliano.
Yesterday, Alber Elbaz, the longtime creative chief at Lanvin, announced his departure, apparently pushed out after a disagreement with the current owners.
When people of this calibre from labels this important are forced out, it is time to re-evaluate the role creativity plays in fashion.
In fashion, the creative team is often manipulated by the money people, who restrict the ability of the designer to move the product forward. Playing it safe often trumps great ideas, and the bean counter who looks at the past gets a bigger say in the outcome than the visionary who is looking at the future. Nobody is right until the customer votes by buying the product at full price. A quick glimpse at the sales and discount emails flooding my inbox tells me that isn’t happening. The art of fashion has been replaced by the art of the deal. Meetings take place to outline promotional strategies, not creative ones. Have we finally reached a breaking point?

Christian Dior Couture

Christian Dior Couture

As the fashion world undergoes a change at the highest levels, how will this trickle down to the high street brands? Will we finally begin to celebrate innovation over moderation, or is this the end of great fashion as we once knew it? Does the public care? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Overall Impressions

April 7, 2014

Overalls, once the go-to outfit of farmers and toddlers, has made it’s way into the fashion scene. This time around, they have a sexy, almost sophisticated edge, taking the workwear staple to a whole new level. Being a woman of a certain age, I’m fighting the urge to give this trend a try. But looking at these chic ladies, I’m thinking  I can rock this look. You be the judge:

Donna Karan sent these overalls down this runway for DKNY this spring, adding a polished blazer and trench coat to complete the outfit.



A slim fit, high heeled booties and a great flyaway sweater give these overalls a casual, yet pulled together  sensibility.


How chic is this women, walking through the Tuileries in Paris, with gold toed pumps, a clutch bag,and her red coat tossed nonchalantly over her shoulders?


Leave it to Alexander Wang to pair a leather bra top with his white overalls. A little skin makes the look sexy!


Blair Eadie of the style blog Atlantic Pacific is known for her ladylike chic. Her messy undo, pointy stilettos and red lips and bag give this outfit an air of sophisticated ease.


Want to try this look yourself? Just abide by a few simple rules.

Overalls should be on the slim side. Nothing oversized or sloppy.

Add a touch of the unexpected, through accessories, makeup or a great piece of outerwear.

Roll the legs and add a chic heel.

Accessorize to the hilt. Shoes, bags and scarves play a huge role in upping the fashion ante. Keeping it chic is key.

Take a little extra care with your hair and makeup. This isn’t the time to get sloppy.

Keep the tops fitted, or go ahead and show some skin. Let the world know there is a woman under there.

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Functional Style

March 27, 2014

Big name designers are looking at the practical side, taking utilitarian details and interpreting them into accessories of all kinds.

Alexander Wang takes the construction worker’s tool belt to a new level with his version in lemon yellow leather, replete with

storage for everything from coins to keys.


Christopher Kane uses straps and plastic clips to secure his sleek, and modern take on the clutch.


This “charming” brooch by Marc Jacobs holds everything from safety pins to guitar picks.


Coach gets functional with their latest riff on the work boot. The thick rubber sole is ribbed for traction, and the fur lining and hardware add a chic touch.


Backpacks are back with a vengeance, and House Of Holland adds heavy gauged zippers for extra functionality.


Giuseppe Zanotti lets you protect your back and store your stuff, with his zip around corset style belt.


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Ab-solutely Fabulous

September 14, 2012

New York fashion week is coming to a close today, leaving us with lots to dream about for next spring.
Consider this a public service announcement; you have exactly 8 months to get those abs into tiptop shape!

Retro bra tops, cropped tops and cut out dresses ruled the runways this week, highlighting a new erogenous zone. Although we have seen some of these trends emerging, they were out in full force this season, making them hard to ignore.

DKNY returns to their roots with this sportive windbreaker over a feminine bra top and flirty skirt.

Sheer cutouts on an edgy leather dress from Alexander Wang.

Jason Wu gets girlie in leather and lace.

While the look is sexy, yet sophisticated, perfectly toned abs are the “it” accessory of the season!

Now step away from the refrigerator, and get to the gym. You’re welcome.

New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up

February 21, 2012

New York Fashion Weekhas come to a close, with more than 280 designers showing their collections for  Fall 2012-13  over the course of 9 days. While it was somewhat of a conservative season, there were overarching trends that emerged. Here are a few of the “must haves,” New York style:

  1. Burgundy was the #1 color shown by many designers. It is a deep warm red that plays well off of all the black and white shown. Also look for rich blues, and emerald green as runners up.
  2. Chunky Sweaters were abundant, whether mixed with something soft and ethereal, or back to clean leather bottoms.
  3. Leather sportswear cropped up virtually everywhere, in simple easy cut pants, lean pencil skirts and tops, dresses or jackets of all kinds. A great fitting leather bottom is a must have for the season.
  4. Military madness is sweeping the catwalks again, and the military inspired jacket or coat is a key piece.
  5. Menswear influences, through classic fabrics and new takes on haberdashery styling permeated the runways.  Mix it up, with new proportions and items.
  6. Metallic fabrics, whether in gold or jewel toned colors added an unexpected twist to the looks. Shine in general, through finishes and technical aspects to fabrics are still important.
  7. Fur is still gaining momentum with everything from shaggy outerwear, to handbags and even a raccoon tail as an accessory being prominent across designers.
  8. Black is the new black, and head to toe winter white was a showstopper.
  9. Flower power continues into fall, where the spring trend morphs onto leather, soft fabrics and jacquards.

10. Blanket stripes and patched fabrics add a cozy outdoorsy feel to fashion. 11. Below the knee looks, from skirts to an influx of cropped trousers gave a new proportion to the season.

12. Peplums made a comeback for spring, and are continuing to rule the runways in modern iterations of the vintage silhouette. Some of these items may be sitting in your closet, waiting for a renaissance. Try putting them together in new and exciting ways, and give your current wardrobe an instant upgrade!

All the News That’s Fit to Print

December 10, 2009

Today, the New York Times Thursday Styles section was full of articles that were very informative.

First, there was a story about the infamous party crashers who showed up uninvited to a recent state dinner. According to the article: (Washington D.C.) is “a city about rules, about conventions and if there’s no keg at the party, it doesn’t get crashed.”  Good to know.

Next, a bit about Alexander Wang, the 25 year old fashion prodigy that has taken fashionistas and ”even some regular people who are not size 2” by a storm. Surprised? We are too!
There is a piece on New York City’s first Costco, now open in East Harlem. The question on everyone’s lips is “ How do you lug a car full of household items home from East 117th Street to lower Manhattan without a car? Doesn’t the $30 taxi ride (if you can find one) kind of off set the savings?

Then there is an article entitled “Hey Tannenbaum, Nice Outfit!” about Christmas displays in upscale stores. I have just one question that has haunted me for years:
Who is this Tannenbaum guy, and how did a Jew get to be a Christmas icon?

Oh, yeah, and don’t forget the study on why exerciser’s heart rates run about 15 beats lower in the morning than in the afternoon? Put the scientific info aside here: by 6 pm, most of us New Yorkers are so stressed out that our heart rates are elevated just from our daily commute!

And finally, a little ditty about how to stand out at the Art Basel show in Miami Beach: How about a REAL python for a necklace? Interesting.

Today the Times out did itself, following through on their motto, ” all the news that’s fit to print”!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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