Sweet Potato Toast

The internet is buzzing right now, with this year’s versions of gluten free alternatives. In an effort to replace those processed carbs, a plethora of vegetable substitutes abound. First, there was cauliflower, masquerading as mashed potatoes, rice and even pizza crusts. The latest iteration for healthy substitutes is the sweet potato, sliced and popped into the toaster to create  “sweet potato toast”.  These slabs of hot and slightly caramelized potatoes, get slathered with everything from nut butter and bananas, to the beloved avocado mash that everyone seems to covet.  Paleo and Whole 30 approved, this one could be a game changer in the boring low carb, no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no legumes, no fun world of food.

via mind, body green

via mind, body green

Skeptical of the natural sugars dripping into, and ultimately ruining my toaster, I set forth to explore this phenomenon myself. The results? Not bad!


If you decide to use your toaster, be aware that you will have to press it down and retoast several times until the inside of the slice starts to soften. It seems that putting it in the oven, especially if you want more slices than your toaster has slots, is a better method.

It is important that the slices are uniform, so that some aren’t burnt when others are hard. One of my slices charred on one edge, which was easily trimmed off after toasting.

To make sweet potato toast in the oven:

Place the long slabs of sweet potato on a rack over a cookie sheet, and toast in a very hot ( 400-450 degrees) oven for about 15-20 minutes, until brown on the outside and softened, but not mushy on the inside. Top it with fruit, eggs, smoked fish or avocado, or simply slather it with butter and jam, if your diet allows. Anything you might put on bread is a candidate for sweet potato toast.


via the paleo paparazzi

via the paleo paparazzi

Nobody is going to believe that this is bread, anymore than people believe that thin strips of zucchini are pasta. But both are very healthy and tasty alternatives to the real deal, bringing a new texture into your diet and offers a healthy break from the “same old, same old.”

via blissful basil

via blissful basil

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