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I bet you’ve all been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, since clearly, it hasn’t been stockpiling blog posts. Indigo Jones Eats has been having a growth spurt, and although it’s very exciting, it’s also exhausting!

Here is a little bit of what we’ve been up to, and a sneak peak at what is coming soon….

We are now in a couple of coffee bars around town. If you are on the Lower East Side, stop by Pintail Coffee, on Orchard Street for a treat. The coffee bar shares space with a jewel box of a vintage clothing store. We deliver freshly baked scones, muffins, cookies and more, a few times each week and the assortment varies.


Terramoto Coffee is also carrying Indigo Jones Eats, and has a fun assortment of Halloween goodies, as well as the classics. Since they are just down the street on West 15th Street,( near Chelsea Market)  we can literally run things over as they leave the oven.

We are about to join a new launch next week, and are currently recipe testing for their sustainable, locally and transparently sourced baked goods.

We are also going to be featured on two new websites, launching in November, giving us more on-line outlets for our products.

We are up and running with Umi Kitchen, currently delivering on the East Side of New York City. If you live in the delivery zone, download the app and leave me a message for a code to try it out for free.

We are teaching classes with the newly launched site Keenobby, which offers experiences, such as cooking and baking classes ( that’s us!) and shibori dying and more. Check out their website to find something that interests you.

Next week, we will be shooting a video for one of our favorite websites. We’ll post a link when it’s ready. Very exciting!

And no, we haven’t left the fashion industry. So if you are wondering why we don’t call, and we don’t write, it is because we are busy keeping up with it all.

We promise to keep you posted and provide as much new content as we can.

Stay tuned, and keep checking in!

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