Laundry Symbols

With all of the new technology in fabrics, it’s no longer intuitive as to how to care for our clothing. A peek inside the garment reveals a tag that is often written in something akin to hieroglyphics. Just what do those symbols mean?

Fear not, help is on the way! Here is a definative guide to deciphering laundry symbols, thanks to Tide!

These symbols which look like a bucket of water represent: 1. Machine wash 2. Hand wash 3. Never wash


The dots indicate water temperature. 1. Cold 2. Warm 3. Hot


The triangle is for bleach options. 1. Bleach permitted 2. Do not bleach 3. Color safe bleach only



The circle and square icons refer to drying and dry cleaning. 1. Tumble dry 2. Do not tumble dry 3.Dry clean only 4. Do not dry clean


This icon is about ironing. The same dot system applies here. 1. Iron cool 2. Iron medium 3. Iron hot 4. Do not iron


Knowing these symbols will help you take care of your clothing and prolong the life of your garments.

info via: Tide

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