Travel Snacks


We’re flying to the west coast next week, and with the time difference, it can feel like you spent an entire day trapped on an airplane. I am obsessive about my clean diet, and would much rather indulge in something delicious while on holiday, than have it all break down by eating processed crap on an airplane. I don’t want to land with a bloated, upset stomach, or with a whole day’s calories wasted on Jetblue’s infamous bags of cookies and chips.

Surviving a 5 hour or longer flight without starving or eating empty calories takes a little planning, but it is doable. Choose items that are easy to toss in your bag, don’t require refrigeration, and won’t offend your fellow seatmates. Here is my list of portable snacks that are healthy enough to pass my finisky standards, and the TSA’s:

Healthy Travel Snacks:

Whole fruit: pre-washed and wrapped apples, pears, peaches or plums can be a savior on a trip. I love bananas, but they never seem to survive the trip without bruising and smashing.

Add little packets of Justin’s nut butter, for a balanced snack that combines fiber and protein to keep you full until you land.

Nuts: Small bags of nuts, pre-measured to prevent over eating, are easily packed into a purse or carry on.

Roasted chickpeas: For legume eaters, roasted chickpeas are a great high protein snack, that is delicious too!( unrecipe HERE)

Crudité: Sticks of celery, carrots or cucumbers make a healthy portable snack. Adding a little nut butter makes them more filling, and a whole lot more interesting! Just be conscious of the people around you when start crunching away!

For those who eat dairy, many hard cheeses don’t require refrigeration. Cut a few slices or cubes and eat them with your fruit or cruditês. Avoid the “stinky” ones to keep your neighbors happy.

Protein Bars: I usually rule these out on principle, as most of the commercial bars on the market are no more than fancy candy, repackaged to appear healthy. Kind bars are made from all natural ingredients, and are a better than average choice in a pinch. For meat eaters, EPIC bars get great reviews, and contain grass-fed meats. They are Paleo friendly and are low sugar and gluten free.

What are your go-to airplane snacks? Do you plan ahead, or do you just “wing it?”

Photo: Glasshouse Images

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