Toasts With The Most

Avocado toast has been a phenomenon that has taken over brunch. Can anything surpass the thick slices of multigrain bread, slathered with lemony mashed avocado? Maybe!
It’s time to take back the toast, with new combinations of toppings and spreads.

We’ve recently served breakfast crostinis, consisting of smoked salmon, creme fraiche and dill. Tangy ricotta topped with strawberries and drizzled with honey. Even open faced BLT’s with spicy srirachia mayo.  But some of these beauties we’ve found web surfing for inspiration take the cake; or the toast, if you will. Level up your next brunch with some of these beauties, and let your imagination soar to create your own “toasts with the most”!

Dark chocolate almond butter, with toasted almonds and shredded coconut? Oh yeah!

We aren’t sure where to look first with this one! Strawberries and cocoa spread with almonds and cacao nibs? Or the cherry tomatoes with basil and greens? How about the hummus and radish, or the avocado toast upgrade? We’re torn between the peanut butter and cinnamon bananas, and mandarins with passion fruit and pistachios!

delicious martha

delicious martha via the feed feed

This takes toast to an art form when bread is substituted with biscuits, covered with fruit and vegan chocolate cream made from almond milk and cacao powder.

Avocado, smoked salmon, pomegranite seeds, fennel slices and dill sprigs are a spectacularly beautiful and healthy variation on the theme.

These often grain-free beauties use beet and purple sweet potatoes to get their naturally vibrant coloring.Blood oranges and hazelnut pesto aare among the interesting flavors used to create these delectable, and healthy toasts.

What are your favorite toast toppers? Share how you take your toast in the comments!

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