Food Trend: On The Side

Food, like fashion, follows trends. It seems as though suddenly, there is a food or dish on everyone’s radar, showing up on menus and instagram feeds galore. Sometimes it is an ingredient, like avocado, or sundried tomatoes. Often, it is a preparation or an ethnic specialty that catches on, like poké. One trend that keeps catching our eye, is related to the presentation, rather than the food itself.

Asymmetry seems to be the trick of the moment, making for a very modern, artsy approach to plating. From pristine placements to a more rustic feel, the one-sided look is popping up on cakes, pies, acai bowls and nouvelle cuisine plates, giving new meaning to the phrase,” I’ll have mine on the side.”

This healthy pistachio smoothie uses fresh fruit and edible flowers to create a delicate rim along the side of the bowl.,uk

little plantation. co

This vegan tart has a beet filling and a row of fresh blackberries and blueberries adorning one side.

Bake street

Bake Street

This beauty from Modest Marce, uses piped flowers in shades of grey for their tea-infused cake.

modest marce

modest marce

These tarts are pretty in pink, and casually topped with red fruits on the side.

Just a partial ring around this rosy hued cake adds a modern and delicate touch.



White food is highlighted on black plate, for a modernist effect.

feasting at home

feasting at home

This acai bowl makes a healthy breakfast a work of art.

Choosing Chia

Choosing Chia

Fresh berries are piled to the side of this lovely cheesecake.

apt 2b baking co

apt 2b baking co

Just a dollop of cream lets the lemon shine through.



This spare and minimal raw coconut cheesecake has an architectural treatment in chocolate, nuts and berries.


loving earth

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