Spring Flowers + May Showers

Spring seems to have passed us by. Everytime I think it is safe to put the sweaters and boots away, the temperature dips, and the skies open up. With Memorial Day just coming up this weekend, it’s time to think about summer!

In our quest to find springtime, we have become obsessed with edible flowers. We used them to garnish a blueberry tart this weekend, and now we want to put them on absolutely everything! Avocado toast with tiny little pansies? Crostini with mini violets? Salads tossed with colorful blooms? What a way to make day to day foods look festive, and dare we say fancy?!

We even added them to our ice cubes, creating beautiful crystaline blocks that will make even sparkling water seem special.

Flower ice cubes

Simply rinse the petals and freeze them in an ice cube tray until ready to use. We added a couple of blueberries here and there for variety. To avoid cloudy ice, use purified water to eliminate the chlorine and impurities found in tap water. Many people suggest boiling and cooling the water, and repeating, before pouring the water into the trays. We used filtered water, and got fairly clear cubes void of any unwanted flavor.

Flower ice cubes

The flowers you use need to be selected for more than just their beauty. It is important to use organic flowers that haven’t been sprayed with pesticides, to avoid unnecessary chemicals seeping into your food. Even more importantly, you must select non-toxic blooms that are completely edible. Some examples of those are violets, dianthus, nasturtiums and hollyhocks. Other flowers, such as roses,chrysanthemums, tulips and lavender have edible petals only.


Flower ice cubes

We purchased ours from Windfall Farms at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City, who had an incredible selection of fresh, beautiful and pesticide free edibles. They are at the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Photos: Spencer Jones | glasshouse assignment

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