Sourdough Sitters



Sourdough bread begins with something called a “starter.” The starter is derived from flour, water and procreating micro-organisms which ferment. This mixture allows you to make bread without adding any commercially prepared yeast. The starter lives on indefinitely, and is often passed on from baker to baker or through the family, as it expands and grows. But just like any other live organism, it needs to be fed and cared for. We can drop our pets off at the kennel or spa to be cared for, but what about our sour dough starter?
For those sour dough aficionados flying in and out of Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, finding a sitter isn’t a problem.

The bakers at RC Chocolat offer starter sitting services for busy travelers to ensure their sour dough legacy lives on while they explore the world.

The starter is fed twice a day by adding non-chlorinated water and a little flour. It should be vigorously bubbling due to it’s acidic nature. This prevents the formation of harmful microrganisms. If the starter is not properly fed, it can deactivate, or grow mold. Luckily, the bakers at RC Chocolat are experienced, and will return your crock of sour dough to you in prime condition.

Photos: Glasshouse Images

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