Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Strawberry Tops


It is finally strawberry season, and the extravagent prices for the little red fruits are starting to come down to an affordable level.
Strawberry eaters fall into two camps: those who carefully hull the berries, and those who just lop the tops off with a knife.

For those in hulling category, here is a quick tip to get the job done. After rinsing the berries thoroughly, slide a drinking straw through the center, starting at the bottom and gently forcing it through the whole berry until it emerges with the cap of green leaves at the top. Easy, right?

As easy as it is, it is still too much for the “lazy loppers” who lose a good part of their strawberry when discarding the tops. That’s ok. Just don’t throw them out!
There are a few uses for those strawberry tops.

Drop the cleaned strawberry tops into a zip lock bag, toss it in the freezer, and use them for smoothies. You get taste, and added nutritional value from the green stuff.

Use them to lightly flavor water. Drop the cleaned strawberry tops into a pitcher of water and let them infuse their flavor into the water.

Steep them into a tea. Strawberry leaves are said to improve digestion, alleviating bloating, cramping and nausea.

Photo: Glasshouse Images

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