Sustainable, Biodegradible and EDIBLE?!


Take out food is a huge business in big cities, and with that comes disposable containers, cutlery and napkins. That one-time-use plastic cutlery may spend a matter of minutes transporting food from plate ( also made of plastic) to mouth, but it will live a lifetime in a landfill. Some work has been done to create biodegradable disposable utensils, but what if there was a better idea?
Narayana Peesapaty, of Hyderabad, India has come up with a product that is not only earth friendly, but is also edible.

Bakeys are disposable utensils made from a mixture of rice, millet and sorghum, which are baked dry and formed into spoons. Sorghum is one of the most sustainable crops, using less land water to grow than rice or corn. It is also able to grow in 95% of the world’s arable land. For the energy expended to produce one plastic spoon, Bakeys can product 100 sorghum based spoons. Even if the diner chooses not to eat the utensil, it degrades quickly, leaving no major environmental impact behind.

Currently the spoons come in three flavors; plain, sweet and spicy. There are plans afoot to produce plates, forks, knives and chopsticks, as well as new flavors.

The company’ s kickstarter campaign has raised over $79,000 so far, against their goal of $20,000, with 19 days to go.


photo: Tasting Table

Video: Bakey’s 

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