Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Reviving Sparkling Wine


1635400166_compDo you sometimes have leftover champagne or sparkling wine that has lost its fizz? No worries, the bubbles in your bubbly can be revived! The genius folks over that The Kitchn shared this simple tip for bringing the sparkle back to sparkling wine; drop a raisin into the bottle.

Yep, that’s it. The theory is that the carbon dioxide, which makes the wine fizzy, will adhere to the ridges of the raisin, and release itself back into the Champagne, reactivating the bubbles. Once the Champagne, or other sparkling wine has started to go flat, drop a raisin into the bottle and wait for the magic to happen. The wine will start to bubble and the results should last a couple of minutes.
No more tossing out expensive wine before it’s time. Just add a raisin.


Photo: Glasshouse Images

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