Leave It Behind: Say Goodbye to These 2015 Beauty Trends

The year is over, and it is a good time to reflect on the past and start anew. Some things worked well in 2015, others, not so much.  Let’s take a peek at some of this year’s biggest beauty trends that are best left behind as we move into the new year:

Extreme Contouring:


via Dallas Entertainment Journal

via Dallas Entertainment Journal


Bella DeLune's "Clown Contouring"

Bella DeLune’s “Clown Contouring”

We’re looking at you Kardashians! While contouring can completely change the look of one’s face, when poorly executed, it is disastrous! Even the most deftly applied contouring looks like a mask. Save this technique for professional photoshoots, and “you do you” the rest of the time.

Giant Lips:

Don't Try This at Home!!! via Fusion.net

Don’t Try This at Home!!!
via Fusion.net

The Kylie Jenner lip challenge had women all over the world trying a lip plumping technique that involved using household items to provide suction. While many did get plumper lips, they often experienced bruising, swelling and pain along with them. Kylie later admitted that hers came from a top plastic surgeon and not a Poland Springs bottle, leaving all those sheep who followed along, feeling, well, sheepish. Just say no to crazy and painful trends and try a good lip liner and some gloss to make your kisser look fuller.

Long Pointy “Stilletto” Nails:

Stilletto Nails

Stilletto Nails

After years of well groomed “squaound” nails ( that’s squared off round to those of you not familiar with the term), women started sporting long pointy talons again. Not only do they look a little trashy in our humble opinion, it is almost impossible to function with them. Or maybe that’s the point.


The Faux Man Bun:

Clip on Man Bun from Asos

Clip on Man Bun from Asos

Hipsters united this year over the man bun. Pulling their longish hair into a neat bun and offsetting it with facial hair was a look that a certain type of man could really work. For those who took a more conservative approach to grooming but wanted to try the look on for size, companies introduced the clip on man bun. Do we even need to discuss this one? Run, do not walk away from this look now. No good can come of it.

Drawn on Big Bold Brows:

Cara Delevigne via Movie Pilot

Cara Delevigne via Movie Pilot

via Brow Bird. Just, Say, NO!!!

via Brow Bird. Just, Say, NO!!!

Cara Delavigne became the poster child for bold brows, and women world over aspired to get the look. News flash: if you don’t have the brows, drawing them on and coloring them in with a dark brow pencil doesn’t achieve the same effect. If you want to channel a cartoon character, carry on. Otherwise, back away.

Cultural Appropriation:

Rachel Dolezal, the ultimate cultural appropriation ended in just really bad hair.

Rachel Dolezal: the ultimate cultural appropriation ended in just really bad hair.


Valentino was slammed for their chic interpretation of African culture, san the African models.

Valentino was slammed for their chic interpretation of African culture, sans the African models.

Hair styles associated with specific cultures spurred trends this year. Blatent appropriation was just plain wrong. Celebrate your heritage, but please, be respectful. Sometimes imitation really isn’t the best form of flattery.

What beauty trends do you think should be left behind this year? Let us know in the comments!


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