The Big Chill


We are no strangers to workout related aches and pains around here. In fact, B and I could probably employ our own sports medicine expert to help us through our near constant parade of pulled “thises” and super tight “thats”. Almost everyone I know who is serious about their fitness seems to go hard most of the time, and suffer the consequences later.

Submerging your body into a bathtub filled with ice is one way athletes have dealt with the situation, but the treatment sounds way worse than the symptoms it is designed to treat.

Enter cryotherapy, which rapidly deep freezes the body and proports to not only rid one of those nagging aches and pains, but also to improve sleep quality, increase metabolism, slow aging, reduce inflammation, and even cure cellulite, all in the space of three short, albiet agonizing minutes.

At New York City’s KryoLife, adventurous souls step into a liquid nitrogen chamber or cyrosauna, that is minus 264 degrees, causing the body temperature to drop to as low as 32 degrees. The effect on the body mimics hypothermia, without the risk of frostbite. A three minute session costs $90, which supporters claim is well worth it.

At this time cryotherapy is not approved by the FDA, and the medical community has not endorsed it without further study.

Photo: Glasshouse Images

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4 Responses to “The Big Chill”

  1. Marla Aaron Says:

    Have You done This? I think i need It…

  2. lulu Says:

    I’m thinking this may not be my thing!

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