Fat Water

It seems that there are as many fads in the healthy food arena as there are in fashion. The latest introduction to the energy drink forum is Fat Water. Yep, you read that right. FAT WATER!

Created by Dave Asprey, who brought us bulletproof coffee (adding grassfed butter and coconut oil to your morning coffee) is now touting the benefits of his coconut oil infused water. Using his proprietary blend of XCT coconut oil, Asprey contends that the drink will give you energy, help you lose weight, and make you feel great. Sounds good, right?

Asprey states that the visable fat droplets help with the absorbtion of the water, therefore hydrating and giving you an energy boost. His XCT oil is reputed to provide a “metabolic pathway to burn fat instead of storing it, giving your body the clean, high quality fuel it needs and nothing else.”

Some experts are debunking the idea that adding fat to water has any health benefits, or aids in the absorbtion of the water.  While fat is no longer demonized by the nutritional community, drinking it is a questionable practice. Bulletproof coffee has its share of expert doubters, and an equally large share of proponents, who claim they feel great, have sharper mental acuity, and feel full for hours, allowing them to eat less and ultimately lose weight.
As for Fat Water, I think I will stick to my reusable bottle filled with filtered H2O and save myself the $3.95 plastic bottle of water, fat, and artificial sweeteners until further notice.

Photo via Bulletproof

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