Better With Bacon?


What if you woke up tomorrow and bacon was suddenly considered a health food? Bacon lovers rejoice, because researchers at Oregon State University have developed a seaweed that tastes just like….yup, BACON!!!
This particular strain of red marine algae has twice the nutrients as kale, and in addition to vitamins, minerals and antioxidents, it also contains up to 16% of its dry weight in protein. And did we mention it tastes like bacon?

The unique strain of seaweed was originally developed along the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines as a food source for abalone. Once the team tasted it, they realized that it had a reach far broader than ocean life.
The seaweed is fast growing, and could eventually become a strong player in the commercial  food market. As for now, the group is focusing on the scientific aspects, so you will just have to wait to experience it first hand.

Photo: Glasshouse Images

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