Independance Day Workout Alert


Sunday morning is the perfect time for a workout. We’ve had a little time to kick back and rest over the weekend, we are not as strapped for time as we are during the week, and we have the day ahead of us to recouperate. If the weather permits, it is a great opportunity to persue outdoor activities. This Sunday, however, you may want to rethink that morning run along the river.

With July Fourth celebrations comes fireworks, and with fireworks comes particle pollution, a condition which effects air quality.

An article in the Journal of Atmospheric Environment states that the amount of airborne particles nearly doubles during the night of the fourth, and doesn’t settle back down until about noon on the fifth. These particles can be comprised of nitrates, sulphites or other chemicals. Exposure to this type of pollutant has been linked to respiratory issues, including heart and lung disease.  Those with asthma, bronchitis or coronary conditions should be especially careful during this period.

Enjoying the great outdoors has its benefits, but this Sunday might be a good day to hit the trendmill or spinning class instead.

Photo:  Glasshouse Images

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