Closet Detox, Day 1


Here we go… I am starting my closet cleanse.

Experts advise that everything must come out of the closet and get sorted into “keep, donate and discard” piles. From prior experience, I find that overwhelming. Once the entire bedroom gets covered in clothing, accessories and “stuff,” then I can no longer see the forest for the trees. I plan to stage it a little, to keep some semblance of organization in the process of reorganization.

Pre-cleanse, I take a trip to the Container Store to get a few plastic bins. In goes the winter clothes, without too much editing. See you in September woolens! Catch ya later cashmere! Bye bye boots! You get the picture.

Next, everything goes on proper hangers. Dry cleaning bags get unpacked and disposed of, the hangers piled up for recycling. (Most dry cleaners are thrilled to get their wire hangers back, so don’t just throw them away.)

Now that everything is hung up properly on matching hangers and organized by category, the fun begins.

The first wave is eliminating the obvious; all those torn tees and greyish dingy underpinings. Anything that I might be embarassed to be wearing if I run into people I haven’t seen in awhile on the street. Those will either get donated, or disposed of, depending on how bad they truly are.
I will keep one or two tops to wear if I need to paint something or clean the oven, but otherwise, out they go!

It is definately getting emptier in here. I am at the stage where getting rid of this stuff is going to leave me in a state of literally having nothing to wear. The goal is to get rid of all the clutter, and hone down to what is really necessary. In the past, I have turned frumpy trousers into shorts, and hemmed things to more flattering lengths. With a keen eye to performing sartorial surgery, its time to evaluate every item in the closet and decide which shall stay and which shall go. Those items that might be ok, but don’t go back to anything; is it worth the investment to find them a friend? Would a great accessory purchase or two take these simple items and turn them into a chic outfit? Would the perfect scarf give me just enough coverage to make that dress seem a little less “boobylicous” for daytime consumption? Its time to find out.

Two minutes in, and B has scored an adorable Miu Miu jacket that never really looked that good on me. It looks great on her. An hour later, half the closet is almost empty and half of the drawers are completely empty.  I am holding on to things I vowed to get rid of, because I fear I won’t have anything at all to wear. I am making progress, but I still have a way to go.

Its time to wrap for the day, and clear off the bed so we can sleep in it~
Tomorrow is another day…Stay tuned!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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