Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Moldy Matters


This time of year, it is easy to attribute that stuffy nose, irritated eyes and itchy skin to allegries. Often, that is exactly the case. But did you know that mold exposure can cause some of the same symptoms?
Mold can be spotted growing on bread, fruit or even between the tiles of the shower; virtually anywhere where moisture is present.

The coffee maker is a prime spot for harboring hidden mold, especially the types that use those convenient little pods, such as Keurig. Because the main tanks of these coffee makers can’t be drained, they provide the perfect environment for mold to grow, especially when left unused for a period of time.

There are steps you can take to clean the machine and ensure it is mold free.

Check the drip tray and around the rubber ring to make sure no mold is present. Wipe it down before putting it back.

Wipe the entire machine, inside and out, as best you can and be sure to clean the needle.

Run the machine through a few times to clean the mechanism.

If you are using a pot where you add your own water, use a mix of vinegar and water, or baking soda and water for the first run, and then run the machine with clean water for the subsequent rinses.

Keep coffee machines as dry as possible before putting them away.

If you have access to filtered water, use that to make coffee to avoid the build up of minerals in the pot.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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