Mission Possible


New year’s resolutions seem to be top of mind this week, as we return from the holidays ready to embrace a new regime. At the gym this morning, my cycling instructor asked the class to fill out a card with our fitness goals for the year, so that he could be a part of helping us achieve them. Later, my pilates instructor spoke a little about setting an intention rather than a resolution for the year. Hers was to “dream bigger dreams”, and to “manifest magic in her life”.

When I returned home and saw the article in the New York Times Well Blog by Tara Parker-Pope about creating a personal mission statement for the year, I knew something was afoot.

Resolutions are typically singular acts of self improvement, such as exercising more, eating better, losing weight or spending more time with the family. They are also more often than not, abandoned in a matter of weeks.

Ms. Parker-Pope suggests viewing the new year’s declaration as a corporation might view their strategic plan; by composing a personal mission statement which clearly defines your goals and values. It is recommended that one focuses on the underlying motivation for change, rather than a single behavior.

The article lists several questions to explore when developing a personal mission statement, as used by the Corporate Athletic Program:

■ How do you want to be remembered?

■ How do you want people to describe you?

■ Who do you want to be?

■ Who or what matters most to you?

■ What are your deepest values?

■ How would you define success in your life?

■ What makes your life really worth living?

The answers to these questions should be helpful in crafting a strong mission statement. Then, more actionable ways of achieiving those goals can be set, and obstacles can be evaluated to help you reach a successful outcome.

Having a deeper understanding of who you are, and what is more important to you, is key to creating resolutions that a meaningful, and sustainable.

We’d love to hear from you. Please share your mission statment, or resolution with us in the comments section.

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One Response to “Mission Possible”

  1. Marla Aaron Says:

    I love this post. It’s funny, I feel like when I left the corporate world I went through this process albeit in a more disorganized fashion. I’m pretty clear on what’s important to me now. I still love the idea of asking myself those questions…..

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