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The past year brought us lots of trends in the world of beauty. Some we loved; others, not so much. Here is a quick recap on some of the more notable fads, and where we see them going in 2015.

Ombre Hair: Hair that is lighter at the bottom and darker at the roots used to signal that someone was growing out a bad dye job. Not this year. Hair color that got progressively lighter from roots to ends became the mainstream color trend of the year. Those brave souls who went for a bigger style statement opted for a bolder version, adding technicolor tones to their ombre hair.


Where it’s headed: With so many models and film stars embracing the “lob,”it looks like a fashionable way to get rid of the extreme color differential. We expect to see more natural looking hair color this year, with rich highlights. We are even seeing very young women going voluntarily grey, with interesting results.


Big Butts and Freeing the Nipple: Many touted 2014 as the year of the butt. Kim Kardashian was the poster girl for the prominent posterior, but others from Nikki Minaj to internet sensation Jen Selter reinforced the trend. We aren’t quite sure how a big behind could become a trend, ( you get what you get and you don’t get upset!) but there was a documented increase in Brazilian butt lift procedures, as well as exercise regimes designed to build the bum. The term “belfie” was coined, as women took photos to document their derierres.

Ms. Kardashian also exposed her fair share of cleavage this year and many a red carpet look also involved side boob, cleavage and bare nipples. A film, entitled “Free the Nipple” was released, to promote a woman’s right to go topless, and the hashtag #freethenipple was born.


Where it’s headed: We hope to see a little less over exposure this year, with more tasteful ways to look sexy taking the forefront. Many of the red carpet worthy gowns we say at spring 2015 fashion weeks offered a lowcut neckline, a slit or a peekaboo cutout, not all of the above. We think totally sheer without any lining at all, fully exposing undergarments and more is going by the wayside.


Korean Skincare: Korean woman are known for their porcelain skin and their dedication to the care and maintenance of it. Korean skincare lines arrived stateside with a vengeance and along with it, complicated and innovative beauty regimes ranging from 10-step skincare programs, to snail creams.


Where it’s headed:Hard to say. While broader accessability to products and more blogs devoted to them make it seem as though it will be a growth business, consumers are fickle and prone to run to the next big thing. As a trend towards time saving expands in other areas, (i.e. high intensity intervals to maximize workout times, precut and boxed food services to save home cooking time, quick blowout salons, etc.) this could bode poorly for a beauty routine that is so involved.

Major Eyebrows: Thanks to it-girl Cara Delevingne, fuller, perfectly groomed brows made a comeback, even launching a slang term to describe them: “on fleek.” (Meaning “on point, and fierce,” for those who don’t know.) While some trend followers were able to grow theirs out or enhance them with makeup, brow extensions actually became a thing. On the other side of the spectrum, celebs bleached their brows which served to temporarily negate them completely.


Where it’s headed: Given that every celeb photographed with invisable brows were back “on fleek” within a day or so, we think the bleached look won’t catch on. More natural, fuller brows should have some staying power. The term “on fleek?” Please stop saying it NOW.


Flash Tatoos: These metallic temporary tatoos that resemble tribal jewelry are popping up everywhere and on everyone from Beyonce to Selena Gomez, and the girl at the mall.


Where they are headed: South, we think. This seems like it is already getting a little played out and thankfully, this trend looks to be as temporary as the tatoos themselves. For now, leave it to the very young, and then just leave it.

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