Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Artisanal Ice Cubes


Last week we read an article about a  new D.C. restaurant that is charging for it’s “artisanal icecubes”, and we were aghast.

Seriously? A charge for ice? And WTF is artisanal ice anyways?
According to the founders of Second State, the establishment in question, these ice cubes are perfectly clear and made from filtered water so there is no mineral taste to effect your drink. The bartender will chip the ice off the block so that all 8 corners are spherical and will “sit like an iceberg” in your drink. These “hand-cut rocks,” as the establishment refers to them, are produced by artisanal ice company Favourite Ice, and cost $1 per cube. (No thank you spell check, that fancy spelling was intentional.)

How pretentious can you get?!

For those of you who are intrigued and want to try this at home, simply boil filtered water, and freeze it. Viola! Clear, “non-minerally” icecubes, free of charge.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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