Expansion Plans


The American obesity epidemic continues to take it’s toll, despite warnings to the contrary. What is really alarming, is news that although our collective body mass is not expanding, our waistlines are.

The New York Times reports that the average overall waist circumference in 2012 was 38.7″, up from 37.5 in 1999.

Abdominal obesity, defined by a waist circumference of more than 40″ for men, and 34.6″ for woman, is a key indicator of metabolic syndrome, which puts us at greater risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Getting on the scale is a good indicator of weight, but monitoring your waistline could be a better indicator of good health.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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2 Responses to “Expansion Plans”

  1. Marla Aaron Says:

    I feel the need to comment here because I just finished eating a Bo Ssam pork butt. It was beyond delicious. I made it from David Chang’s recipe featured in the NY Times a couple of years ago. The perfect antidote to a weekend spent working (on my part) and doing homework (on the part of the kids) It was totally decadent, rich, unhealthy in every conceivable way. Oh wait, we wrapped the pieces of the pork in cold Boston lettuce leaves and Napa Cabbage so there’s something healthy. I can say it was definitely food for the soul. A perfect Sunday night dinner. We will all get back on track on Monday–I’ll likely cook fish with some vegetables and a salad. This was a treat. Why comment here? Obesity is an enormous problem around the world and particularly in America. I couldn’t agree more. But I think that home cooked meals, even ones as decadent and glaringly unhealthy as the one I prepared tonight can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and an overall healthy perspective on food. It took hours to make and everyone at the table had to assemble their own. Nobody ate to access. There were some accompanying salads that had no oil. Taken on it’s own, this meal is a bad one . But in the context of an overall healthy diet it’s really nothing. It was also pretty cheap (except for my time) All this to say, if everyone would just cook, I think we could nip this obesity thing in the BUTT and even eat some BUTT:) Sharing the recipe here because it is a truly fabulous (and naughty) one…

    • indigo jones Says:

      I agree. It’s ok to indulge and go back to normal afterwards. And homemade indulgences tend to be healthier than store bought ones! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the recipe !!

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