A Different Kind of Medicine


A friend who struggled with a long term illness taught me a valuable lesson in dealing those who are going through difficult times. We have the tendency to tell the person who is ill, or in mourning to “Let us know if you need anything.” While well intentioned, this places the burden on the person we most want to help, by forcing them to reach out to us and ask. Her alternative suggestion mirrored that very successful Nike campaign: JUST DO IT!


Today, I am following her advice, and preparing a package for a friend who has recently undergone surgery.


Nothing is better when you are under the weather than homemade chicken soup, which soothes the body and the soul.  I’m delivering it packaged in individual servings, which can be tossed in the freezer for another day, or microwaved in the container while in the hospital. Glass jars make a pretty presentation and are a healthier way to package food than plastic.


Next time you want to help someone who is ill, stifle the urge to ask what you can do for them, and just do it!


photos: indigojonesnyc instagram

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2 Responses to “A Different Kind of Medicine”

  1. Marla Aaron Says:

    This is so clever! Soup always seems like a wonderful gift and I stop short at it because the presentation is often so “nothing special” but the way you’ve devised it, it’s a totally lovely gift! And I want your kreplach recipe. This is an excellent tip!!!!!

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