August 13 is Left Handers Day, and being a southpaw myself, I thought it prudent to mark the occasion.

Lefties tend to be drawn to creative pursuits more often than their right handed counterparts. Look for lots of lefties in the arts, music, design, and sports.

From Vincent Van Gogh and Rembrant, to David Bowie and Paul McCartney, the list of creative lefties goes on and on.

Four of the last seven presidents of the United States have also been lefties. Presidents Obama, Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ford were all southpaws. Harry Truman and James Garfield also favored their left hands. It is rumored that Ronald Reagan was also a lefty, but was converted by his school teachers to use his right hand.

There are some major downfalls to being left handed:

Notebooks are bound on the left, making it difficult to start writing at the margin. We also tend to drag our hand through the text or drawings as we work on them, smearing the ink or graphite, and giving us a telltale smudge along the outside of our hand.

If we don’t sit on the outside of the table, we end up in an elbow war with the people next to us.

Those old fashioned one sided school desks? Always on the wrong side!

Often lacking the tools to perform day to day tasks due to things being engineered to accommodate righties, those who favor the left tend to be able to adapt to different scenarios with ease.

Try to open a can with a crank can opener, cut with scissors and use a mouse that are all designed to be used with your less dominent hand, and see how you fare. Us lefties have been doing it for years.

photo: glasshouse images

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