Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Reheating Pizza


Everybody likes leftover pizza. Even the most discerning of us have eaten cold pizza for breakfast at some point in our lives.

Now that I am a little older, and my palette is more refined, I prefer to re-heat my pizza before consuming it. The microwave yields a floppy, gummy slice. The oven often gets the cheese to all bubbly, leaving the bottom crust soft.

The solution: Heat the pizza slice in a skillet! Yes, reheating in a skillet allows the heat to permeate from the bottom of the slice, crisping it up as it heats through. Simply place the pizza in a heavy frying pan, turn the heat on to medium / or medium low, cover it and wait for it to heat through. Check the bottom intermittently to make sure it doesn’t burn and enjoy a slice that is almost as good as it was when it was fresh.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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One Response to “Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Reheating Pizza”

  1. Guy A. Archbold Says:

    Who knew? Fantastic tip…

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