Vitamin Power

Most of us grew up taking some kind of vitamin suppliment. As adults, we have continued that habit, with the belief that we are doing something healthy for our bodies. Well, according to the Annuls of Internal Medicine, “enough is enough.”

Vitamin Capsules

New studies released this week, indicate that those who have a healthy diet, are wasting their money on additional vitamins: $28 million per year, to be exact.

In the past, it was discovered that certain vitamins were linked to illness. Vitamin D deficiency caused rickets, lack of folic acid caused spina bifida, and lack of sufficient vitamin A caused blindness. Over the years, better nutrition and vitamin fortified foods have made these risks almost obsolete.

While we load up on vitamin C to prevent colds, and calcium to strengthen our bones, all of the supplements we are taking can add up to too much of a good thing.

New information shows that too much beta carotene and vitamin E can cause cancer, and over loading on vitamin A can cause liver damage.

The vitamin habit may be a hard one to break. While vitamin supplements  are shown to provide no added benefit in preventing early death, or cognitive decline, more than 40% of us currently take them.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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