Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Blending Hot Liquids

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If you have ever tried blending hot liquids and had the top of the blender fly off, spewing scalding hot soup everywhere, this tip is for you!

Here are a few tips to avoid this volcano-like eruption:

Blend in small batches, so there is less volume in the blender.

Hold a kitchen towel over the top of the blender, to keep the lid from blowing off.

Start the blender on the lowest possible setting and gradually work up to the puree setting. You can also turn it on for a couple of seconds, and then open the top a little, to allow the steam to escape.


OR invest in an immersion blender. If you are a regular to this site, you will know I am a big fan of this little appliance. You simply insert the blender into the food, rather than placing the food in the blender. You can puree the food right in the pot. No transferring, no washing another container or two, and no hot mess!

Photos: Glasshouse Images

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