Food Power


There are lots of ways to cut back on food waste. We have written about many of them, from up cycling leftovers at home, to the new business launch that uses expired produce that is still edible to provide low cost options for groceries and prepared foods.

Today’s post focuses on another big retailer who is doing their part to make use of  excess products.

Kroger has started using the food waste from its subsidiaries, Ralphs and Food 4 Less, to power its distribution center.

Previously, the stores trucked its 150 tons of food waste to their distribution center for consolidation, and then trucked it to a composter, 100 miles away.

To make better use of the food waste, the company has installed an anaerobic digestive system that allows them to convert food into biogas, providing power to run the facility.

The food goes through a blending system, which removes all inorganic materials left behind from packaging, liquefies it, and blends it with water from the on-site creamery.

It is then converted to biogas, and the excess water is purified and recycled. The remaining nutrient filled physical material is used for composting.

While the process is in an early stage, it has been so successful that Kroger is looking for ways to expand it to other markets.

Every little bit counts, and this could have a huge impact in the future. Hopefully, other large grocery stores will be able to learn from Kroger’s successful program.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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