Edible Waste

Did you know that 40% of our food gets thrown out? You might, since I have written about food waste here before.

garbage,or soup?

Watching the neighbors sifting through the bags outside of the grocery store across the street, searching for edible produce and newly expired dairy that has just been put out for trash collection brought the issue to mind once again. These are not homeless people. They are average Janes and Joes who are either budget conscious, into sustainability or both.

Doug Rauch, the former CEO of Trader Joe’s is setting out to repurpose edible but not necessarily saleable food before it ends up in the trash, by opening a new market called “The Daily Table.”


Rauch is tackling the issue of food waste by taking recently expired, blemished and over-stocked items, and prepping it and cooking it for sale to be used in what he refers to as “speed scratch” cooking. He will offer the items at prices comparable to fast food.

The Daily Table plans to open their hybrid stores; a mix of restaurant and grocery store, in underserved inner city areas across the country, in an effort to provide healthy, sustainable food options at a low cost.

In the meantime, urban foragers will have to continue using a less dignified way to utilize food waste. After all it seems, one man’s trash is another man’s dinner.

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