Cultural Differences: Delicacy or Disgusting?

There are some regional delicacies that are enjoyed across the globe, but are banned in the United States. When looking at this list, we can’t say we are disappointed!


The Scottish classic, Haggis is unavailable in the States due its prime ingredient: sheep’s lung. We guess the sheep’s heart and liver used in the pudding, or the sheep’s stomach it is served in is not a problem. Yuck!


In Sardinia, maggot cheese is considered a special treat. The cheese is made by allowing flies to lay eggs in Pecorino cheese to speed the fermentation process.  Once the larvae hatch and begin to eat away at the cheese, is becomes soft, mushy, and ready to eat. No thanks!


In Taiwan, pig’s blood cakes on a stick are a specialty. The mix of rice and blood is banned here, as the process of making these “grossicles “is considered unsanitary. Try them? We think not!

Caribbean Reef Sharks

We have eaten shark’s fin soup in China, where it is considered a special dish to offer at a banquet. We didn’t know how cruel the process of acquiring the  fins is. It seems the shark is “de-finned “and then released back into the water to die. While it is illegal to produce shark’s fin in the US, the use of imported fins is legal except in the state of California. Frankly, we find the soup a bit slimy, and certainly not worth the high price, both to the fish, or the purchaser. We think we’ll pass on this one in the future.

While food safety in our country is substandard at best, at least they draw the line somewhere!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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