Sweat it Out

Fall is just around the corner and the temperatures have already started to drop to a more comfortable level, making it easier to get out and get some exercise. Some like to say, “sweat is your fat crying”, but there are lots of sound health reasons to go out and break a sweat:

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Frequent exercisers tend to get less kidney stones.

Research from the University of Washington shows that during a workout we sweat out excess salt, and retain calcium in our bones, rather than having our kidneys deal with it. We also drink more water, another boon to kidney function.

Sweating can help prevent colds and other bugs, due to a microbial peptide called dermcidin, which is secreted by our sweat glands and is shown to fight off infection. As your body heats up, it produces more white blood cells, which also boost immunity. Studies have shown that those who workout take half the sick days as those who don’t exercise.

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Having a good sweat session can help cleanse your body of the residue from over-indulging in alcohol, cholesterol and salt. Try a super sweaty spin class, instead of a 3-day juice cleanse for a quick fix.

Sweating also pushes all the impurities that clog your pores to the surface, preventing breakouts. Just be sure to wash your face right after working out to keep it squeaky clean.

Find something you love to do, whether it is running, biking, dancing or hot yoga, and do it often. Your body will thank you for it!

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