Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Go Bananas


We eat a lot of bananas around here, and they seem to get over-ripe even faster than we can consume them. This tip from Be Well Philly might be life changing!
The culprit in converting ripe, firm bananas into mushy almost banana bread batter is ethylene gas, which is released from the stems, and causes the rest of the banana to ripen faster.
We have talked about this before, and suggested separating the bananas from one another, and keeping them quarantined from other fruits to avoid them from ripening too quickly. This tip seems to take that concept to another level:

After separating the bananas from the stalk, wrap each stem tightly with plastic wrap to prevent the gas from escaping. The author suggests cutting strips of plastic wrap to size, so that it is a little easier to handle.

While it seems a bit time consuming, it may be a lot easier than running to the store for more bananas, or turning the mushy ones into banana bread!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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