The Kitchen Safe


Do you sometimes take a handful of a certain snack food and walk away hoping that it will satiate you? (Trail mix, perhaps?) Do you ever wish the container would lock you out so you couldn’t get more?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, your wish has been granted!

Luckily, a group of entrepreneurs  have come up with an innovative way to help you curb your snack attack.

Introducing The Kitchen Safe, a 3.5-quart container with a timer and locking device in the lid. The timer can be set for a duration of anywhere from 1 minute to 10 days, and the lid will not release until the timer has run out.

While it is a great invention for dieters to keep their trigger foods at bay, it’s also a way to keep people away from their other vices.  Thinking of locking up the TV remote, or perhaps a pack of cigarettes? The possibilities are endless.

It’s available for preorder for $39.95 on the company’s website.

photo: courtesy of the kitchen safe 

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