The Better Way to Chill White Wine


Admit it: Have you ever put ice cubes in your wine to chill it? It is deemed tacky in most circles, but warm white wine just isn’t an option.

While putting the bottle in an ice bath helps speed the process, sometimes you need a little something on a super hot day to keep it cold. Here are a few “high brow” suggestions for chilling your wine, because hey, we’re classy like that:

If you have a little extra wine at the end of the evening, use it make ice cubes. They won’t dilute your drink and can also be tossed into sauces for a last minute addition. If you frequently sip a certain type of white wine, it could be worth investing in an extra bottle for this purpose.

Freeze some grapes for a pretty, and practical variation. Strawberries or raspberries work well too!

Keep some wine glasses in the freezer, so you will always have a cold one on hand.

As a last resort, toss a glass of white wine into the cocktail shaker with ice, and stain it back into the glass. No one is the wiser, and your drink will be cold.

Now sit back, and enjoy!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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