Get a “Whif” of This

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 10.00.03 PM

What if you could just inhale your coffee, getting a quick caffeine buzz, rather than actually drink it? How about getting your chocolate fix, with out the calories?
A new product called “Le Whif,” allows you to do just that.

Developed by Harvard University professor David Edwards, who pioneered inhaled insulin; Le Whif is an inhaler for the senses.

The plastic “puffer” is placed between your lips, and tiny particles small enough to become airborne, but too large to enter the lungs, descend upon the tongue to offer the taste and sensation of eating chocolate or drinking coffee.

Watching video footage of people enjoying Le Whif out socially, is reminiscent of other ‘inhalable” substances illegally enjoyed at clubs and parties.

In an attempt to bring a healthy vibe to the product, the company has also introduced breathable vitamins.

The price of huffing your treats isn’t cheap…each lipstick tube like canister costs about $2.50.

Personally, I’ll pass. How about you? Would you try Le Whif?


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