Carried in Our Hearts


Tonight I had the opportunity to attend a book launch party for “Carried in Our Hearts,” by Dr. Jane Aronson, with essays by many  parents and children who have experienced first hand, the joys and traumas of creating a new family through adoption.

I am honored to have my story, originally posted here, be a part of this beautiful collection.

If you are seeking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, take a look at this book, sure to melt the heart of any Mom, regardless of how her family was formed.

There was not a dry eye in the room, as people read from the book, and recounted their international adoption experiences.

Dr.Aronson, who is not only a highly acclaimed pediatrician specializing in international medicine, but also the founder of World Wide Orphan’s Foundation, has taken on the role of mentor, fairy godmother and stork, to many families across the world. Her goal through WWO is to transform the lives of orphaned children and help them to become healthy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world.

Won’t you join me in celebrating the heartwarming stories of families who were formed not by blood, but by love this Mother’s Day?

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One Response to “Carried in Our Hearts”

  1. Mable Pugh Says:

    As infants, many orphans around the world lie in cribs soiled and vanquished. Often they lie on their backs with bottles propped for their feeding, missing out on the experience of intimacy with a primary caretaker who holds, touches, and talks to them—the building blocks for attachment. As toddlers, they stand along railings, rocking side to side, cruising unsteadily along the railings of their large pens in soundless rooms. Nevertheless, children are amazingly resilient and—with the support of loving parents who are able to accept that the process can be very gradual and full of uncertainty—they eventually adapt and stabilize in their new home environments. As the testimonies in this section of the book reveal, the creation of a family through adoption can involve many challenges, but love and permanence are powerfully healing forces.

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