Strange Brews

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I got an interesting call today, asking me to create a recipe using an odd but unusual combination of foods. The example they gave me was pancake lasagna. Drat! How great would homemade flour tortillas be in  lasagna? Nickelodeon’s hit television show “I Carly” often showed the stars indulging in their favorite meal, spaghetti tacos.  Mario Bataali serves an amazing olive oil ice-cream at his restaurant Otto. We are talking unexpected, but not unappealing.

I tend to be a bit of a food purist, and like simple food using fresh ingredients. I want to stay true to my roots, and come up with something unique, but delicious.

What are some of your favorite odd food pairings? Think hot and spicy merged with sweet, different ethnic flavors melding together in a new way, or some crazy preparation of an old stand-by. I am not sure everything is better with bacon, but I willing to consider the possibilities.

Post your strange food cravings below, and if they sound good, I will develop a recipe around them. I need to come up with an idea quickly, so put your thinking cap on and help a girl out here!

xo indigo jones


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