Airbags have saved the lives of countless people involved in car crashes.

Hard shell helmets, often worn by cyclists to protect their heads, are unattractive, and wreak havoc on the hairdo.
A new product designed by a Swedish team, may just be the answer to the helmet hair problem.


The “Chieftain” or “Hovding” is an airbag, encased in a fashionable folding collar. Prior to an accident, the collar’s built in accelerometer and gyro register abnormal head movement, which trigger gas generators to fill the airbag.

Six years of research has helped identify the types of movements that trigger the airbag, and prevent it from deploying unnecessarily.

The collar is charged by a USB, and contains tiny LED lights to indicate when the power is low.  It also has a “black box” to record data before and after an accident to help the technicians develop more accurate models.

The inflatable airbag is positioned to provide fashionable, easily portable protection for cyclists. Would you wear the Hovding airbag instead of a helmet?

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