Kitchen Tips Tuesday: How To Tell If Baking Powder/Soda Is Still Good

4093602237It seems that no matter how much I bake, I never seem to use up the baking soda or baking powder in my pantry. These products do have a shelf life, and lose their effectiveness over a period of time.

Baking soda has an expiration date on the box, often 3 or 4 years from the date of purchase! Baking powder has a shorter lifespan of about 9-12 months.

If you are uncertain that they still have the power to “poof your pastries”, here is how to test them:

For baking soda, add a little vinegar to ½ cup of very hot water and add a little of the soda. If it fizzes, you are good to go. No bubbles mean you are not likely to get a rise out of your baked goods. Get a fresh box, and save the old stuff for cleaning projects.

Baking power can simply be stirred into hot water, (sans vinegar) as above. If it bubbles, it’s still good. If not, it needs to be replaced.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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One Response to “Kitchen Tips Tuesday: How To Tell If Baking Powder/Soda Is Still Good”

  1. Heather Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I never manage to get through containers of either of these ingredients, and I always have them for so long I forget about their use by date!

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